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Would you like to steadily increase the popularity and activity of your Discord server or gaming community? If so, purchasing one of our partnership plans is the best way to naturally grow your Discord server or gaming community. We offer two different types of partnerships: traditional partnerships and mass partnerships. With traditional partnerships, we directly reach out to another Discord server or gaming community to form a potential partnership. It is the perfect method to increase popularity and activity, but significantly more time-consuming and challenging compared to mass partnerships. With mass partnerships, we partner with only the Discord servers or gaming communities linked through a partner hub server. Unlike traditional partnerships, we do not directly reach out to other Discord servers and gaming communities to form a potential partnership. We instead post advertisements of the Discord servers and gaming communities linked through the partner hub server that meet your partnership requirements. In return, they will post your advertisement on their Discord servers and gaming communities. Whatever type of partnership method you wish to purchase, we ensure you will receive impressive results from our partnership plans service.


Traditional Partnerships:

- 100 partnerships | $10.00 USD

- 250 partnerships | $15.00 USD

- 500 partnerships | $25.00 USD

- 1000 partnerships | $45.00 USD


Mass Partnerships:

- 100 partnerships | $6.00 USD

- 250 partnerships | $10.00 USD

- 500 partnerships | $15.00 USD

- 1000 partnerships | $25.00 USD




🛍️  We accept debit and credit cards on Wix Payments and payments through PayPal. We do not accept checks, physical cash, or any virtual currencies. In addition, we do not offer any credit programs.


⚠️  Customers are required to pay in full before work commences. Should the customer wish to cancel a subscription or service, they may cancel by no later than one week without additional fees. Please note that this does not apply to our marketing, moderation, and hosting services.


🛠️  Graphic designing specifically charges per item or customization. You may need to purchase the same item or customization multiple times by simply increasing the quantity of the item or customization in your shopping cart. Marketing services subscriptions and website designing packages may be purchased in advance or for separate entities.


📥  After purchasing a product or service with either a debit or credit card on Wix Payments or through PayPal, you will immediately receive an automatic email from us. Please read the email carefully and follow the directions stated in the email. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mailbox for the email.


💬  Have any questions or need assistance with checking out the items in your shopping cart? Send us an email, text message, or directly chat live with us here:

Marketing Services - Partnership Plans - EasyAd

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